miercuri, 18 octombrie 2017

Ursuletii s-au trezit, buna dimineata in engleza

Se pare ca piesa compusa de mine se bucura de un real succes.La ora cand scriu aceste randuri are peste 16 milioane de vizualizari pe Youtube.
Zilele astea am incercat sa fac si o varianta in limba engleza care nu este neaparat pt copii:

There is magic everywhere
Oh, the life is awesome
Go and find your teddybear
Oh, the life is awesome.
Let the smile shine on your face.
Oh, the life is awesome.
It's no use to force your pace
Oh, the life is awesome.
I love flowers, I love trees
I love birds and I love bees
Mother nature is so young
Grab the freshness with your lung
When you feel your strings are torn
There's for you another morn
Just get rid of solitude
Better be a kind of dude.
Keep an eye on cleanliness
Move away from bitterness
Make a friend and make it double
And just stay away from trouble.
Don't speak much on telephone
Make your work a second home
Perfume everything with passion
And we all arise as nation

Producatoarea acestui cantec, Nathalie Gheorghiu a lansat de ceva vreme acest cantec in limba engleza,intr-o traducere proprie.

All the Teddy Bears wake up early in the morning. All the Bunnies will be up early in the morning. Mice and squirrels all wake up early in the morning. All the children will be up. We wish them good morning. Everybody let’s wake up Let’s prepare for a new day Cleaning up and making beds Breathing fresh air all the way. We know how to clean our teeth We wash daily our face Cause it’s excellent to be Neat and groomed And full of grace. To do everything you want Just enjoy the life and laugh Do not rush in anything And you’ll always be in graph Just be earlier awake And go earlier to bed You’ll be full of happiness And never ever be sad.

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