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Buna ziua. Ma numesc Teodor Munteanu si sunt cantautor de muzica pt copii. Cant dar si compun muzica pt copii. Cel mai cunoscut cantec compus de mine este Ursuletii s-au trezit, buna dimineata, care are deja vreo 18 milioane de vizualizari pe youtube. De 17 ani fac spectacole muzicale pt copii in scoli si gradinite. Daca doriti un spectacol muzical (chiar si pe perioada verii) ma puteti contacta la tel.0742770244.

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    miercuri, 11 august 2010

    A Prayer for Our Parents by Adrian Paunescu

    Azi am tradus in engleza poezia Ruga pt parinti de Adrian Paunescu :

    Enigmatic , good behaved
    Finishing their misson here
    Fading slowly in our sight
    Our parents disappear .

    Mighty God , please call them back
    Since they lived a life of strife .
    Make them young as sometimes were
    Give them a perpetual life .

    They are parents , we're their sons .
    Our life we owe to them
    Why we need to take good-bye ?
    Only you can death condemn .

    They have paid with their own lives
    For the errors of their sons
    Mighty God , don't let them die
    When the time of life out runs .

    But , alas , they do not stop
    To go step by step away .
    Silent candles snow in nest
    Till they light no more one day .

    Full of pains and sufferings
    We return to our grave .
    Just caress your parents till
    They will fade under the wave .

    More and more the dust will grow
    Less and less the grass will stand
    Let me kiss , my parents dear ,
    With a broken heart your hand .

    But why do you look at me
    My dear son and daughter too ?
    I'm the one who from this world
    Is the next to take adieu .

    A farewell my dearest dad
    A farewell my dearest mum .
    See you soon my litlle girl
    See you soon my litle son .

    My dear dad , my little son .
    Litlle girl , my dearest mum .

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